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and youth movements

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We are specialized in hosting school groups !

We offer activity-filled days for school classes starting from 8/10 years old. Choose from the following sports activities based on your budget: tree-top courses, introductory rappelling and climbing, kayaking excursions, etc.

CapNature also offers the option to combine the chosen activity with a "heritage and memory" program in collaboration with the "Coeur de l'Ardoise".

You have the opportunity to spend a full day at our Morépire site, which includes green spaces for picnics or covered areas in case of bad weather.

Special "school" rates are available for certain activities (see below).

CapNature's partners

Pointillés colorés
l'ardoisière bertrix

On the same place as CapNature, discover the incredible underground gallery of Ardoisière. An activity full of learnings and totally unforgettable !

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