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General information

Access to the trails is limited to the opening hours and reserved for CapNature customers. Please adhere to the allocated time slots based on the chosen activity. Ensure that you are in good physical condition and have not consumed anything that could impair your behavior (alcohol, drugs, medication, etc.). For each activity, ask for and follow the safety instructions. Pay close attention during the briefing. Have your equipment checked by a park instructor before starting. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the chosen activities. The participation of minors is assumed to have obtained the consent of parents or legal guardians, whether they accompany the minor on the trails or not. Groups operate under the responsibility of their organizer. Anyone present on any of the activities must be able to provide proof of admission, or they may be expelled. Anyone present on any of the activities is assumed to have liability insurance coverage.



Stay on the marked trails. Off-trail hiking is not allowed. Do not disturb any animals you may encounter. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the woods due to the risk of fire. Motorcycles, quads, and other motorized vehicles are welcome, BUT only on the roads and NOT in the woods.


Access to the courses is reserved for individuals measuring over 1.30m and weighing less than 130kg. Ensure that you are in a good mental state (to avoid panic or suicidal tendencies) and not prone to vertigo. Use the provided personal protective equipment diligently. Tie back your hair to prevent it from getting caught, as well as your glasses and any other objects that could fall, break, or harm people during your ascent (e.g., keys). Parking or moving underneath the obstacles and platforms is strictly discouraged. Leaving the park premises with harnesses or any other equipment is strictly forbidden. The harnesses are only provided for the duration of your activity. Respect the maximum number of people allowed per obstacle, as indicated by the signage. Undoing your harness or jumping off bridges/platforms to exit a course is strictly prohibited. Feel free to seek advice from our instructors or call them in case of a difficult situation.


By participating, you authorize us to:

· Close the course in case of adverse weather conditions. · Exclude any person whose behavior poses a risk to themselves or others (e.g., failure to comply with safety rules and instructions) or who disregards our observations. · Deny access to higher difficulty courses to anyone we deem unfit physically or mentally. · In these cases, no refunds will be given. You expressly waive any recourse against our company in the event of loss or damage to personal belongings, etc.


By paying the entrance fee, you acknowledge that you have read and fully accepted the present regulations.

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