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Accrobranche Ardenne Bertrix


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Safety is our priority

pictogramme sécurité

You move safely in the heart of the trees, thanks to the carabiners of your harness, which are attached along the course to the lifeline. You can request to leave the course at any time and stay on the ground, encourage your friends, or take photos to capture their achievements

Our courses and equipment are inspected by an official independent company. You move autonomously, and our instructors are present to ensure the proper adherence to instructions and the correct use of the equipment provided to you.

pictogramme sécurité
pictogramme sécurité pour femmes enceintes

Physical activity requiring a minimum of physical exertion. Expectant mothers should seek advice from their doctor.

As you can imagine, not all types of clothing are recommended for the practice of tree climbing. To see all our advice on how to prepare for your visit, click here !

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