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The CapNature brand is represented by par l'SPRL 13ZENLF

Registrations and Payments

To book your activity:

We cannot guarantee the feasibility of activities without prior reservation within a reasonable timeframe.

Send an email via the "Reservation" page no later than 5:00 PM the day before your activity.

The person making the activity reservation and registering other participants under their signature is responsible for ensuring their compliance with obligations. If the date is available, we will record your activity request and send you your ticket by email. Payment of a deposit, including the reference from your ticket, confirms your reservation and activity.

Based on the date of receiving your activity request:

Your price offer is valid for a maximum of 30 calendar days or Up to 7 calendar days before your chosen activity date or Until the payment of your deposit (which must reach us before the expiration of your price offer), considered as confirmation of your activity. Your offer can be modified up to 2 times without administrative fees. Your price offer is based on the number of participants provided. If the total number of participants is modified (unless explicitly agreed otherwise) by adding or removing participants, we must be notified no later than 10 days before the activity. Any unreported increase in the group size will be automatically charged on the day of your activity at the listed rate. The remaining balance must be paid no later than the day of your activity and BEFORE it starts, except for associations, companies, or school groups: the full payment for your activity must be made 72 hours before the activity.

Accounting documents justifying your payment will be provided upon payment.

For reservations made less than 30 days before the activity, the deposit must be paid within one week of receiving the offer and at least be present in the bank account of the company 13ZENLF, 72 hours before the activity, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Please have proof of payment in either paper or screenshot format as we are in an area without 3G/4G, and downloads are not possible.


The prices mentioned on our website and brochures are valid from January 1st, 2023. They replace prices published in previous publications. In case of significant price changes beyond our control (transportation costs, taxes, imposed fees, etc.), if the price increase exceeds 10%, the participant has the right to cancel their registration without any charges and will be refunded the amount already paid. Partner offers/group benefits, etc., cannot be combined.


Cancellation by Participants:

As a participant, you have the right to cancel a registration. However, please take note of the following cancellation fees: Beyond 7 calendar days: 50% of the price. Less than 7 calendar days or no-show: 100% of the price.

Any cancellation must be notified in writing.

To avoid cancellation fees, you may find a replacement yourself. In this case, both you and the person taking over your reservation are jointly responsible for fulfilling all obligations, pre-agreements, and any associated costs arising from the transfer of the reservation.

Any transfer of reservation must be done in writing to the following address:


In the event that you or the participants have decided not to proceed with or were physically/mentally unable to complete the reserved activity, no refund can be claimed.

An activity fully paid for online does not give rise to a refund, even in the event of non-presentation of all participants stated on the ticket.

Cancellation by CapNature - 13ZENLF

13ZENLF srl reserves the right to cancel activities in case of non-compliance with these general conditions and to retain the deposit as damages. 13ZENLF srl reserves the right to cancel, interrupt, and/or modify activities and itineraries in the event of severe weather conditions, mechanical breakdown, nature's whims (excessively dry weather, low water levels or flood levels, frost or snow), geopolitical situation, strikes, quarantine, illnesses, border issues, or any other force majeure cases not mentioned above.

13ZENLF sprl reserves the right to modify the order and schedules of the proposed activities. It is specified that the indicated schedules are indicative: any waiting time or delays do not entitle the client to cancel the activity or claim any damages whatsoever. The participant acknowledges having read the present regulations of 13ZENLF srl and having communicated them to each member of their group.

In the event of officially announced adverse weather conditions only (storm warning, thunderstorms only) that would make certain outdoor activities dangerous or unfeasible on the scheduled day (aerial baptism, guided walks, or any other activities in green spaces), 13ZENLF srl reserves the right to propose an alternative date for the activity in agreement with the participant who booked the activity, for up to two times. If, by the end of this period, the activity could not be carried out under suitable weather conditions, it will be fully refunded. We reserve the right to stop all activities in the event of a sudden weather change that would make the activity dangerous. In such cases, no refund can be claimed.

If, during an activity, a participant exhibits insufficient physical condition or is unable to continue the activity, 13ZENLF - CapNature will ensure that the participant is escorted back to the starting point if they express the desire to do so. Otherwise, they may accompany their group as a spectator. Any resulting expenses will be the responsibility of the participant. In any case, there is no entitlement to compensation or partial refund of the activity payment.

Cancellation and Prohibition by Government Decision (geopolitical situation, strikes, quarantine, illnesses, border issues, or any other force majeure cases not mentioned above)

13ZENLF srl cannot be held responsible in the event of cancellation due to such prohibition, and no refund can be claimed.

A rescheduling of the activity or a voucher will be automatically offered to the client.

Mountain Bike Rental Terms and Conditions

If the client modifies the total number of reserved mountain bikes without notifying our company at least 72 hours in advance, all reserved bikes will be charged and invoiced. The mountain bikes are intended to be used with the care of a responsible individual. Damaged parts will be the responsibility of the clients and must be paid for immediately (see delivery/rental receipt). A deposit of €25 per mountain bike is required and will be refunded upon inspection of the equipment if no damage has occurred. Payment for the rental is made in cash and before the departure of the bikes, unless otherwise agreed in writing. A helmet is provided with each mountain bike for the safety of the client. General guidelines for proper use are provided upon delivery of the mountain bikes to the person receiving them. This person is responsible for sharing this information with their group. 13ZENLF declines any responsibility in the event of an accident during the rental period. The client's signature on the delivery receipt or rental agreement indicates their agreement regarding the proper functioning of the equipment provided and the terms and conditions of sale stated on this page.


We do not provide transportation services.

However, if you wish to enjoy nature and depart from the center of Bertrix, you can reach us via forest trails.

Upon prior agreement and availability, we can meet you at the train station with a map and compass.

For individuals arriving by public transportation, please refer to the contact page on our website.

In exceptional cases and by agreement with the client, we can arrange carpooling based on our availability.

Safety and Discipline

A briefing, tailored to the chosen activity, is provided to all new participants. Subsequently, clients navigate the various courses at their own pace, autonomously or under supervision. Clients are responsible for assessing their own ability to overcome obstacles.

Participants are aware of the risks associated with the activity and release 13ZENLF from any liability in the event of an accident caused by any of the participants. The group leader declares that they have communicated this clause to each member of their group.

Anyone who reserves an activity or rents equipment from 13ZENLF must comply with our guidelines. Please refer to the rental conditions below. In the event of a serious violation of the terms and conditions, the participant involved may be excluded without any right to compensation or refund for the activity, and may be held responsible for any resulting damage.

Responsibility and Insurance

13ZENLF srl is insured by AG Assurances for its legal professional liability as an organizer of outdoor activities and equipment rental. This insurance covers damages resulting from professional errors committed by 13ZENLF srl in accordance with the aforementioned provisions. Damages caused by participants to third-party property are at their own risk. Participants are responsible for any damages suffered by 13ZENLF srl and its staff due to their own fault or non-compliance with agreed-upon obligations.


The participant is aware of the risks associated with the activity and releases 13ZENLF from any liability in the event of an accident caused by any of the participants. The group leader declares that they have communicated this clause to each member of their group. In the event that one or more participants endanger themselves or others, 13ZENLF reserves the right to terminate the activity for those participants. No refund can be claimed in such cases.

We advise clients to wear comfortable sports attire or clothing suitable for outdoor/underground activities on the day of the activity.

By attire, we mean: pants or shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweater, jacket, and shoes with a sole. We discourage clients and participants from wearing valuable items (jewelry or others) or multimedia devices (mobile phones, iPads, iPods) during the course or any proposed activity.

If the client and participant choose to keep their belongings during the activity, 13ZENLF srl will not be held responsible if these items are damaged or rendered unusable due to impact, falls, or snagging.

Clients can refer to the "Practical Advice" page for more information.


Rental Conditions

By booking an activity with us:

  1. You are responsible for the equipment rented from 13ZENLF or our partners.

  2. Prior to the start of the rental period, you must inspect all equipment to ensure that the quantity matches what is stated in the rental agreement. If it does not match, immediately inform the 13ZENLF - CapNature monitor or partners to make the necessary correction. This cannot be done after the rental period.

  3. During the use of the rented equipment, you must take utmost care to prevent any damage other than normal wear and tear during normal use. This is at the discretion of the rental provider.

  4. Payment for the rental amount must be made before the start of the rental period. There will be no refund for unused rented equipment.

  5. You must immediately notify our monitors or partners of any damaged equipment or loss of rented equipment. In case of loss, you are responsible for paying the replacement cost of a new unit, as well as compensation determined by us or our partners for repairable damages. Damage that is not reported and damage inflicted on third parties may still be attributed to the person renting the equipment, even after the rental period ends.

  6. The renter must ensure adequate insurance and is responsible for directly and fully settling any damages to 13ZENLF or partners.

  7. 13ZENLF srl has liability insurance for the company that covers damages caused by equipment defects due to negligent maintenance. This is subject to the evaluation of the expert responsible for the technical examination to determine the presumed defectiveness. Damages resulting from defective equipment and/or manufacturing faults are the responsibility of the manufacturer.

  8. At the end of the rental period, all equipment must be returned in perfect condition by 5:00 PM on the last day of rental at the latest. The returned equipment will then be inspected with us or our partners. Any deficiencies and losses will be settled directly.

  9. If you wish to rent the equipment for a longer period than originally planned, you must immediately seek authorization from the responsible person for the rented equipment. Any additional compensation due will be settled upon returning the equipment in this case.

  10. If the rented equipment is returned later than the agreed-upon period without authorization from 13ZENLF or partners, the additional days will be charged and settled directly upon returning the equipment.


If, despite all our precautions, you have a complaint, please inform the responsible activity monitor on-site. If this is not possible or if a satisfactory solution cannot be reached, the complaint must be submitted in writing and substantiated within 14 days following the end of your activity to our headquarters. We will make every effort to find and propose a satisfactory solution with the parties involved.

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